• Students’ work

    The technical theatre students regularly add to the different research projects. For example, the first version of the scale 1 to 4 model was developed by a student, and students […]

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  • Wood and Canvas

    The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre collaborated on the congress “Wood and Canvas (and rabbit glue) in the modern world” in June 2014. The theme of the congress was the […]

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  • One-to-four theatre

    An important tool to research historical (and contemporary) working methods is the scale model we developed together with HOAC stage technology and Solution NV. On a scale 1 to 4 […]

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  • Student work

    The Technical Theatre students (Podiumtechniek) at the RITCS conduct applied research on subjects present in the working field within the framework of their education. Sometimes their results are published in […]

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  • Time line project

    The timeline project originated from the informal collaboration between several educational programs. At different locations in Europe, students were working on a timeline of the history of technical theatre at […]

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  • Technical theatre between WOII and now

    In het kader van het onderzoek rond de geschiedenis van de podiumtechnieken werkten studenten van de Pianofabriek, samen met hun lesgevers en verzamelaars een tentoonstelling uit rond de geschiedenis van de podiumtechnieken tussen de tweede wereldoorlog en nu. Het kenniscentrum begeleide hen bij het structureren van de informatie, het dateren van de toestellen en de totale opzet.

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