• Caroline Mathieu

    Caroline Mathieu is active as a designer for theatre creations. Her role takes various forms: scenographer, light designer, performer and researcher. After a Master study in Product Design and a […]

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  • Sven Vilain

    Sven Vilain graduated from NaRaFi in 1987 in the film and video department. In 1989, he became a freelance photographer and made reports and presentations for companies such as Agfa […]

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  • Stefan De Reese

    Stefan De Reese started his career as a sound engineer in 1993 with the production Ga.n by composer Frank Nuyts. After that, he was a permanent member of the Musical […]

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  • Chris Van Goethem

    Chris Van Goethem started in 1983 as a technician in a rental company. He became a stage manager through training on the floor and self-study, and toured with many companies […]

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  • Mira Delbaen

    Mira Delbaen studied at the Brussels Conservatoire where she graduated in 2007 in dramatic art. After her training, she enjoyed the variety of projects in which she participated. She started […]

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  • Maarten Francq

    Maarten Francq trained as an industrial designer, but through a ManaMA in Multimedia and Vitrual Reality he quickly made the leap to designing  znd controlling complex video systems for festivals […]

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