• LiViDat

    The LiViDat project (Live Video en Data projectie) is an EhB-PWO project that analyzed the use of video and data projection in the performing arts and developed a lesson pack […]

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  • COOP

    COOP developed a blueprint for a cooperative for the cultural sector. The Expertise Centre Rits and De Pianofabriek looked for the possibilities in the COOP project to establish a “cooperative for […]

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    In collaboration with the Vlerick Hogeschool Brussel, Hendrik De Smet designed the ZEEZIN-model. It is a model of a co-working space for artists linked to a business centre where the […]

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  • Research portfolio

    2019 – 2022 The Canon Erasmus+ project develops a Canon of Technical Theatre History, a timeline and coresponding tools. 2019 -2021 The TeBeVat 3 Erasmus+project develops a training for assessors […]

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  • Health, safety and sustainability

    Health, Safety and sustainability determine the quality of our living and working environment. They determine the impact of our sector on itself and on its environment. The Expertise Centre is […]

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  • History of Technical Theatre

    History of technical theatre is an intrinsical part of the working field of technical theatre as a technical-artistic practice and especially of the thin line in between art and technique. […]

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