• Cue One Go

    The Cue One Go project was set up by the Performing Arts Social Fund as a response to the call “Development of a context-specific guideline for workplace learning” (Ontwikkeling van […]

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  • Backbone

    The Backbone project investigates the linking of evaluation, validation and portfolio tools by means of a central data structure based on competences. It puts the individual, unique profile of the […]

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  • ScenTec

    The ScenTec project aims to increase the creative, technical and safety standards in the Balkans by setting up training courses for stage technicians. The three-year study on “The technological state […]

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  • TALQ

    TALQ (Transparency in Art Levels & Qualifications) researches how to map national qualifications and certificates based on international ESCO profiles. The research will identify and test possible procedures, approaches and […]

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  • TeBeVat

    TeBeVat develops tools for recognizing previously acquired competences. The core of the project lies in supporting the candidate who wants to have their competences assessed using a structured portfolio based […]

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  • LAAR

    Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to support effective learning in informal and non-formal learning environments. This is not only the case in school or higher education (see Sommerauer & […]

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  • REcoEP

    REcoEP developed practical tips and tools for sustainable stage techniques. The project collects tips and good practices from the performing arts sector and related sectors and translates these into practical […]

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  • Capturing

    The Capturing project has looked into the possibilities of live image capturing and tracking within a musical context. Doing so, a method was developed to teach actors to deal with […]

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  • LiViDat

    The LiViDat project (Live Video en Data projectie) is an EhB-PWO project that analyzed the use of video and data projection in the performing arts and developed a lesson pack […]

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  • COOP

    COOP developed a blueprint for a cooperative for the cultural sector. The Expertise Centre Rits and De Pianofabriek looked for the possibilities in the COOP project to establish a “cooperative for […]

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