The ESSENCE  Erasmus+ project, develops a detailed European curriculum for a sound specialist on the level EQF5. ESSENCE stands for “European Sound Specialist Education and Curriculum Exchange”. The curriculum is […]

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  • Expertise centre PAKT

    Expertise centre PAKT (Performing and Audio-visual Arts, Technology) is the successor of the expertise centre for Performing Arts. As a expertise centre for Schools of Arts RITCS and KCB, PAKT […]

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  • Canon

    The primary aim of the CANON OF TECHNICAL THEATRE HISTORY is to create awareness and understanding about the historic background of the theater technical field in an European context. The […]

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    Effects of coloured light on our perception This research project explores the perception of coloured light. The phenomenology of colour remains an unconscious process, both for the designer during a […]

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  • Changement à Vue

    The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre of the RITCS and the research cell of SADA (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts) studied the history of baroque theatre machinery together. The different […]

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  • Time line project

    The timeline project originated from the informal collaboration between several educational programs. At different locations in Europe, students were working on a timeline of the history of technical theatre at […]

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  • Fading lights

    The “Fading lights, the cross over from candle to LED” project researches historical lighting methods. When doing so, the focus lies on the influence on the light image caused by […]

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    The TTT project and its successor the LPT project are both Leonardo projects on competences in technical theatre.A group of experts from Finland, Sweden, UK, Italy and Belgium developed a […]

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  • PraPAT

    The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre carried out a study about practice learning in the Performance and Audiovisual techniques, called PraPAT, commissioned by the Flemish Education Council (VLOR). This project […]

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  • OPTiV

    The PWO project OPTiV analyzes the educational landscape of technical theatre in a changing technical – artistic context and formulates answers to the demand for optimization of both the educational […]

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