PWO or “Praktijkgericht Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek” stands for Practice focussed Scientific Research.

  • Expertise centre PAKT

    Expertise centre PAKT (Performing and Audio-visual Arts, Technology) is the successor of the expertise centre for Performing Arts. As a expertise centre for Schools of Arts RITCS and KCB, PAKT […]

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  • Changement à Vue

    The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre of the RITCS and the research cell of SADA (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts) studied the history of baroque theatre machinery together. The different […]

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  • Fading lights

    The “Fading lights, the cross over from candle to LED” project researches historical lighting methods. When doing so, the focus lies on the influence on the light image caused by […]

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  • OPTiV

    The PWO project OPTiV analyzes the educational landscape of technical theatre in a changing technical – artistic context and formulates answers to the demand for optimization of both the educational […]

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  • Backbone

    The Backbone project investigates the linking of evaluation, validation and portfolio tools by means of a central data structure based on competences. It puts the individual, unique profile of the […]

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  • Capturing

    The Capturing project has looked into the possibilities of live image capturing and tracking within a musical context. Doing so, a method was developed to teach actors to deal with […]

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  • LiViDat

    The LiViDat project (Live Video en Data projectie) is an EhB-PWO project that analyzed the use of video and data projection in the performing arts and developed a lesson pack […]

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