• Caroline Mathieu

    Caroline Mathieu is active as a designer for theatre creations. Her role takes various forms: scenographer, light designer, performer and researcher. After a Master study in Product Design and a […]

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    Effects of coloured light on our perception This research project explores the perception of coloured light. The phenomenology of colour remains an unconscious process, both for the designer during a […]

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  • Belichtingstechniek voor podiumtechnici

    The book “Belichtingstechniek voor Podiumtechnici” is no longer available. We publish the digital version here. It can be used for educational and non profit use. Download Belichtingstechniek voor podiumtechnici (NL, […]

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  • Fading lights

    The “Fading lights, the cross over from candle to LED” project researches historical lighting methods. When doing so, the focus lies on the influence on the light image caused by […]

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