ESCO, the European Skills Compentence, Occupations and Qualifications system.

  • ESCO

    The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre participated as an expert in the ESCO sectoral reference committee for the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sector. The sectoral reference committees are composed of […]

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  • TALQ

    TALQ (Transparency in Art Levels & Qualifications) researches how to map national qualifications and certificates based on international ESCO profiles. The research will identify and test possible procedures, approaches and […]

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  • TeBeVat

    TeBeVat develops tools for recognizing previously acquired competences. The core of the project lies in supporting the candidate who wants to have their competences assessed using a structured portfolio based […]

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  • ETTE

      The ETTE project developed a European safety training for stage workers with a corresponding safety passport. The training is based on 10 ESCO competences that every employee working on […]

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