• Belichtingstechniek voor podiumtechnici

    The book “Belichtingstechniek voor Podiumtechnici” is no longer available. We publish the digital version here. It can be used for educational and non profit use. Download Belichtingstechniek voor podiumtechnici (NL, […]

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  • OPTiV

    The PWO project OPTiV analyzes the educational landscape of technical theatre in a changing technical – artistic context and formulates answers to the demand for optimization of both the educational […]

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  • ScenTec

    The ScenTec project aims to increase the creative, technical and safety standards in the Balkans by setting up training courses for stage technicians. The three-year study on “The technological state […]

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  • LAAR

    Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to support effective learning in informal and non-formal learning environments. This is not only the case in school or higher education (see Sommerauer & […]

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  • REcoEP: a practical guide

    REcoEP – a practical guide is a handy reference for every stage technician and designer in the theater industry. The book bundles useful information and tips about sustainable stage techniques, […]

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  • REcoEP tools

    The tools developed in the REcoEP project consist of course modules on the one hand and practice sheets on the other. Course modules These course modules contain background information and […]

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  • REcoEP

    REcoEP developed practical tips and tools for sustainable stage techniques. The project collects tips and good practices from the performing arts sector and related sectors and translates these into practical […]

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  • ETTE

      The ETTE project developed a European safety training for stage workers with a corresponding safety passport. The training is based on 10 ESCO competences that every employee working on […]

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