• PraPAT

    The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre carried out a study about practice learning in the Performance and Audiovisual techniques, called PraPAT, commissioned by the Flemish Education Council (VLOR). This project […]

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  • Assessment centre for technical theatre RITCS

    The assessment centre for technical theatre RITCS was a recognised certification centre for “ervaringsbewijzen” or certificates of professional competence through prior learning for Assistant technician, Multiskilled technician, Lighting technician, Sound […]

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  • Cue One Go

    The Cue One Go project was set up by the Performing Arts Social Fund as a response to the call “Development of a context-specific guideline for workplace learning” (Ontwikkeling van […]

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  • Backbone

    The Backbone project investigates the linking of evaluation, validation and portfolio tools by means of a central data structure based on competences. It puts the individual, unique profile of the […]

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  • ScenTec

    The ScenTec project aims to increase the creative, technical and safety standards in the Balkans by setting up training courses for stage technicians. The three-year study on “The technological state […]

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  • COOP

    COOP developed a blueprint for a cooperative for the cultural sector. The Expertise Centre Rits and De Pianofabriek looked for the possibilities in the COOP project to establish a “cooperative for […]

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