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The Expertise Centre for Technical Theatre is the research cel of the Technical Theatre/Stage Management program of RITCS school of arts of the Erasmus Univercity College  Brussels. The Expertise Centre has grown organically out of the research- and education projects of the program, of STEPP vzw, SFP and TEAD vzw. The Expertise Centre provides continuity in order to disseminate the results of research and to guarantee the cooperation with the industry, educational and research institutes, and international networks.

The Expertise Centre wants to evolve into a permanent contact point for training providers, industry, and policy makers. It wants to be part of the reality rather than observing it.

The focus points of the centre are:

  • History of technical theatre
  • Competence management and educational methodology
  • Sustainability, health and safety
  • Art, technology and entrepreneurship

The Expertise Centre develops its own projects and participates in the projects of others. At the moment these projects are running:

  • COLOUR • LIGHT • SENSING, Effects of coloured light on our perception, explores the perception of coloured light.

  • The PWO project “fading-lights, the cross over from candle to LED” fits in the wider context of the history of technical theatre and focuses on the changing use of lighting when starting to use new light sources. The Expertise Centre cooperates with the Swedish University Uniarts Stockholm on this project.

  • The LAAR project researches the possibilities of the use of Learning Analytics and Augmented Reality for VET training and education in the field of technical theatre.

You can find an overview of past and present projects in our research portfolio

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